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Etiquette at the Craps Table

Yes, there really are certain expectations of behavior at the craps table. It is a social scene after all so there definitely is some etiquette that you should know before you let loose at the casino. Being familiar with craps etiquette will prevent you from inadvertently upsetting another player.

The most important thing to remember is that, when a point is marked, as in the puck is white side up and on a number, please never say or shout out the word “seven.”

Some players, who do not understand the game, incorrectly think that the seven is always a good roll. It is acceptable to root openly for the seven during the come out roll, but even a whisper of the number once a point is marked will cause other players to cringe or even become hostile and rude.

For the most part, the game staff will observe seven-associated taboos as well, basically to avoid upsetting players. Your stick dealer should also refrain from presenting a shooter with a pair of dice showing a seven. Doing so is extremely poor form for the dealer and inappropriate.

The complete phobia of the seven is prompted by the superstitious nature of gamblers. If this sounds foolish, remember that it is bad luck not to be superstitious.

The occasional ornery don’t pass player will sometimes openly state a desire for the seven when a point is marked. Such a statement will generally disgruntle the other players, and is meant to do so. However, since the person will actually win if a seven rolls before the point number, he or she has no compulsion to regard the superstitions associated with the seven.

If you happen to say seven while a point is marked, it is not the end of the world. Nice players will grate their teeth and get on with life. Maybe you just asked the cocktail server to bring you a Seven-Up, or you perhaps decided to bet the “any seven” in the prop box, which would generally require your saying it. The occasional player will manage, however, to make the any seven bet via hand gestures only.

In the event that you utter the forbidden word and another player complains, just downplay the situation. If another player is hostile about it, the casino staff should check the player’s behavior before it becomes a problem.

Next keep your drinks outside the table railing. Drinks are not allowed over the felt because it is too easy to spill. There actually is a rack for your drink along the outside edge of the craps table, but it is hard to see.

Don’t let your hands hang over the edge of the table either. In general, body parts and elbows should go no further than the chip racks that are built into the rail of the table. This reduces the chance that the dice might hit your hands.

Don’t touch other players’ bets on the table or money in the racks. If you do it by accident, apologize for the mistake and make sure you don’t goof again. Touching other peoples’ money will get the floorperson and security watching you. It’s their job to protect casino patrons from thieves so keep your hands to yourself. And if your buddy is so drunk you need to handle his bets for him, you probably should do him a favor and get him out of the casino!


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